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Globetrotting with MSA

Your Guide to the Upcoming Events, Conferences and Seminars Related to EB-5   By: Hermione M. Krumm, Esq. October and November, 2018 are busy months for the EB-5 industry. EB-5 conferences and seminars are popping up around the globe. Such conferences are the best way to meet and...

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与Bernard Wolfsdorf讨论EB-5的近期进展情况




  随着EB-5计划的不断发展和新法规的出台,想要实时跟进变化变得越来越难。在哪里可以找到对新规定的澄清、解释?对于最终裁决日期,应该如何区分它是推测还是事实?在本期博客中,莫娜莎律师(Mona Shah, Esq.)与Bernard Wolfsdorf律师重点为大家介绍了将于今年10月29日到30日在美国芝加哥由美国移民律师协会会AILA和投资美国行业协会IIUSA首次联合举办的行业论坛上将讨论的问题, 包括:签证公告版、已预期的涉及部分国家的签证积压、投资者应如何使用“红色组合卡”保留合法居住权、投资移民最低投资额的增加、以及最新的美国移民局USCIS政策备忘录的影响。该会议将为投资人和开发商提供一站式服务,力图为大家在EB-5行业涉及到的各种问题答疑解惑。
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MONA SHAH QUOTED BY Pacific Standard

Mona Shah & Associates Global's principal attorney Mona Shah was interview by Pacific Standard on the Trump administration's attitude towards EB-5 and its impact. Please see the link below for the full article:

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The Invisible Wall is already Up and Running!

By Jinhee Wilde, Esq.    While President Trump’s rhetoric on stopping illegal immigration and his administration’s discontinuation of the DACA program and Temporary Protective Status for various Central American countries has dominated discussions of immigration law, a little-known fact is that this administration has been slowing, and...

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