07 Apr Role of Disclosure in Securities Laws and How It Applies to EB-5

by Omar Hakim, Esq. Introduction The United States has developed a plethora of regulations that establishes confidence in the intangible securities markets through the Securities and Exchange Commission. These regulations attempt to effectively mitigate the market failures associated with the sale of securities, most notably asymmetric information....

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07 Apr E-2: The Alternative Investment Visa

by Mona Shah, Esq. The United States has long been a popular destination for parking money. The rich often feel safer investing their money in the U.S. rather than some other location perceived as less-certain. However, international families increasingly attracted to the stability of the U.S....

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23 Jul Burden of Proof in Immigration Matters – An Advocate’s Guide

By: Lory D. Rosenberg I. Definitions and Concepts The burden of proof in immigration law matters refers to the duty of a party to provide probative evidence that satisfies the statutory or regulatory requirements necessary to establish a particular condition or status, such as an individual’s admissibility, inadmissibility,...

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