Legislative Update: Yoder Amendment Unlikely to Pass

13 Aug Legislative Update: Yoder Amendment Unlikely to Pass

Since the publication of our article “Fatal Consequences for EB-5 if Country Caps are Removed“, there have been some legislative updates on the matter. IIUSA has issued a letter to all stakeholders informing the status of the proposed bill which intends to remove per-country caps for all employment-based visas. “According to sources on both the House Appropriations Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee, the chances of the Homeland Security funding bill, which includes the Yoder amendment, of passing before the new fiscal year is very low.” Both chambers are not likely to vote on the bill until after the midterm elections in November 2018 and before the 116th Congress commences in January 2019.

We at MSA, being a member on the IIUSA Public Policy and Leadership Committees, will continue to work with our lobbyists on Capitol Hill to educate our legislators in the House and Senate on the implications of eliminating per-country caps.

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