EB-5 Investment Voice – is the only Podcast series that focuses on foreign direct investment and the United States immigrant investor visa.


Mark Deal with host Mona Shah, welcome guests from the industry including: Developers, Regional Center Operatives, Attorneys, Legislators and Politicians.


The podcasts are diverse as they discuss the program from a legal perspective, business development factors as well as investor return and residency considerations.

EB-5 Investment Voice - Mona shah & associates attorneys at Law


主讲人: 曾晖律师 主持人: 王晓旭 讲座摘要 开发商是否应该成立自己的区域中心呢?是否有什么建议? 成立一个区域中心的成本是比较高的,因为这涉及到移民律师、证券法律师、经济学家、商业计划书撰写人员等各种专业人士的配合,而每项服务都会产生相应的费用。像这种情况下,一般来讲成立一个区域中心的花费在10万-20万美金左右。同时,区域中心成立之后,还会产生相应的维护费用。如果一个区域中心下面的项目不是很多,或者没有招到很多投资人,且没有对美国经济发展做出贡献的话,就会面临被关停的风险。
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