EB-5 Investment Voice – is the only Podcast series that focuses on foreign direct investment and the United States immigrant investor visa.


Mark Deal with host Mona Shah, welcome guests from the industry including: Developers, Regional Center Operatives, Attorneys, Legislators and Politicians.


The podcasts are diverse as they discuss the program from a legal perspective, business development factors as well as investor return and residency considerations.

第十集 – 浅谈L1 和 EB-1C签证

主讲人: 赫敏·克鲁姆(Hermione Krumm)律师 主持人: 王岚 内容摘要 L1AEB1CE2签证,作为和EB-5投资移民不同的来美工作居留路径现在可以说是越来越受欢迎。这一期(第十期)节目中我们重点介绍L1EB1C,以及从L1AEB1-C渡过程中需要注意的一些问题。在我们马上要做的第11期节目中将会详细介绍E-2签证,相信对因EB-5排期而苦恼的中国大陆投资人会有一定帮助。
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Going In-house with Erika Banach

Going In-house EB-5 Investment through an In-house Regional Center with Erika Banach   Mona, Mark and Erika talk about investing through an in-house regional center and the advantages it brings to EB-5 investors.     Erika Banach is the Director of the Extell New York Regional Center where she is responsible...

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What is going on with EB5?

What is going on? The 411 on EB-5. Mona, Mark and Rebecca Singh offer insight regarding the latest developments in the EB-5 program. They discuss the rumors circulating around developing legislation, the unprecedented USCIS processing delays, and the criteria for getting a case expedited. The team...

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