Shagufta Shaikh, Senior Paralegal

Shagufta is a senior paralegal. She is fluent in Hindi and conversant in Urdu, Punjabi and Marathi. Having graduated from the University of Bombay with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (B. Com), Shagufta went on to complete a Masters in Computer Programming before joining Mona Shah Global in November 2003.


With over fourteen years of legal experience, LexisNexis awarded Shagufta a Paralegal Certificate of Mastery. Over the years, Shagufta has attended numerous legal seminars. She also took courses in Immigration Law, Family Law, Employment Law, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Trial Practice and Evidence, Legal Research and Writing while attending a Paralegal/Litigation Specialist Assistant Program with New York Paralegal School.


With over six years of experience in EB-5, Shagufta is proficient in EB-5 filings, having prepared numerous complex I-526 petitions. This includes guiding clients through the different avenues of sources of investment funds as well as the path of funds documentation process. In addition Shagufta is proficient in consular issues and country-specific issues. She is also skilled in general immigration law, including asylum, family petitions and employment petitions. She possesses the ability to communicate effectively with clients. Shagufta is also proficient in computers and aids in e-filing of petitions, making the process fast and guaranteed.