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18 Dec Africa: The New Investor Frontier?

by Rebecca S. Singh, Esq. and Brian O. Idehen, Esq.   The African investor market is an active, sophisticated, and blossoming one.  Now, more than ever, African investors have become players in the development both within the continent and with outward Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) primarily in...

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21 Apr UK Investment Visa vs US EB5 Program with Amir Zaidi

The U.S. EB5 program isn't the only program for immigrating investors to consider. How does the EB5 program compare with the U.K.'s Investment Visa? Join us for a discussion with Amir Zaidi on how the U.K. Investment Visa differs from the U.S. EB-5 program. Like the United States, the United Kingdom welcomes investment and business...

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