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Established in 1997 and headquartered in Manhattan, New York, Mona Shah & Associates Global (“MSA” or “MSA Global”) is a Law Firm with an advanced Immigration practice, also specializing in direct investments, corporate & securities law. MSA is internationally licensed to practice law and has a diverse client base representing individual, institutional, academic, and corporate clients around the globe.


MSA is a recognized leader in the EB-5 industry, highly regarded and regularly quoted in the EB-5 immigrant investor field, assisting numerous investors, EB-5 projects, Regional Centers (RCs) and lawyers in navigating this complex, nuanced, and constantly changing area of law.


MSA has extensive experience in financing, formulating & strategizing projects and investments, as well as administering compliance. MSA has marketed overseas for multiple projects raising millions of dollars in investor capital.


MSA lawyers have many accolades and awards including being voted in the top 25 attorneys in the US multiple times. They have been interviewed and quoted by mainstream newspapers, including the New York Times, mainstream TV channels (Al Jazeera, Fox Business News); they have published books, written and spoken extensively on US Immigration law both in the US and overseas. The firm produce their own podcast series and have organized and hosted numerous events worldwide. Mona is a part-time adjunct Professor at Baruch Business College, City University of New York.


MSA is proud of our reputation for responsiveness and superior services, consistently providing creative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions. We genuinely enjoy our work and seek to share our excitement and talent. We seek to make a difference for our clients and projects and strive to serve the needs of each individual case.

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BLS Global

BLS Global is an innovative, progressive and creative media company with traditional attention to detail and service at its core. They are a specialist media and communications company, active in publishing, display media, events and digital media in various sectors, providing solutions for their partners that range from straight brand awareness to long form editorial to direct marketing and everything in-between.
BLS Global is based in the heart of London’s media and tech quarter, they aim to stay one step ahead of their competitors by producing high-quality publications for niche markets, by creating high-impact visual display media and by generating high-calibre digital marketing solutions. BLS Globalcreative team always approaches their media output with the same artistic intent: to have in-built impact both visually and editorially.
BLS Global team love working with their clients on their award winning campaigns. While for some clients they produce individual campaigns, for others they act as an extension of their business, developing and maintaining their engagement programmes for many years.

Dilendorf Khurdayan

IRC Investment





Having completed his award winning global

humanitarian journey, Karl returned to his speciality;

real estate & citizenship investments where

he had made sales in excess of $550million in Dubai.

With 13 years in the GCC, he is well placed to assist with your

Investment and grant you your 2nd Citizenship.




Valentina established an in-depth understanding

of the nuances within international politics and economic climates.

She advises clients on both corporate and real estate investment

opportunities making Valentina ideally situated to enhance

and develop the Citizenship by Investment business

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