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21 Jul Korean EB5 Market

Guest Jinhee Wilde discusses the Korean EB5 Market Host Mona Shah and co-host Mark Deal speak with Jinhee Wilde, an immigration lawyer with 16 years of experience and originally from Korea. The group discusses the differences and similarities between the Korean EB5 market and others around...

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02 Jun The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly   The world of EB-5 projects large and complicated. Investors have a number of projects to choose from but not every project is created equally. Join us for a discussion with Michael Gibson on good (strong), bad (weak), and ugly...

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19 May EB5 Questions and Answers

Welcome to the first of what may be many EB-5 on air Questions and Answers sessions. From developers, fund managers, investors and other attorneys - Questions on the EB-5 program always come in. Attorneys Mona Shah and Rebecca Singh take some time to answer a few. Here are the questions we...

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