Is Real Estate / Property in Greece Worth the Investment? | Episode 199

Is Real Estate / Property in Greece Worth the Investment? | Episode 199

Episode 199

As the CBI / RBI world shrinks, and people are leading more nomadic lives, the thought of investing in property in an island in the middle of the Mediterranean with a population of 11,000,000M (only 3% of that of the United States) is not as dreamlike as it once may have been.

 In fact, the Economist stated that in 2022, the Greek economy outperformed so many other of the economic superpowers including Japan, China and Germany! Interestingly, Greek property is the second most affordable in Europe after Latvia and the eighth most affordable in the world. Price Waterhouse stated that in 2022 Athens was one of the most promising property markets.

Mona’s special guest is Yiannos Trisokkas  the CEO and Founder of Velment. Yiannos has remarkable good insight into not only the real estate in Greece, but also in relation to Greece’s golden visa scheme is a RBI residency by investment scheme. He was able to give us the good news is that Greece is to freeze VAT (that’s value added tax) on all real estate investments, until 2025!

About Yiannos Trisokkas:

Yiannos Trisokkas, the CEO and founder of Velmet, boasts an impressive two decades of experience in the real estate markets of Cyprus and Greece. His extensive expertise lies in guiding international investors and high net worth individuals through citizenship via Cyprus’ investment program and Greece’s golden visa program. With a specialized focus on the Greek RBI program, the golden visa program, and the real estate landscape in Greece, Yiannos is well-positioned to provide valuable insights into the current real estate opportunities in Greece and the various citizenship and residency programs available. His in-depth understanding of the market intricacies allows for a comprehensive analysis of the potential for investment in Greek real estate.

“Greece is one of the countries which has really rocketed to the top”. – Yiannos Trisokkas

“Investments in the Greek golden visa dethroned EB5 as the world’s biggest golden visa by year end September of 2018.” – Mona Shah, quoting IMI Daily.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore the advantages of Greece’s Golden Visa compared to the EB-5 program to make an informed investment decision.
  • Discover the benefits of Greece’s Residency by Investment program and how it can enhance your real estate investment portfolio.
  • Understand the ins and outs of the Greek real estate market to capitalize on potential investment opportunities.
  • Uncover the requirements for obtaining residency by investment in Greece and pave the way for your real estate investment journey.
  • Learn about Greece’s tax benefits for foreign investors and how they can optimize your real estate investment returns.

 Uncover the valuable benefits of Greece’s RBI program for international investors

Greece’s Residency by Investment (RBI) program provides international investors with an attractive pathway to residency through property investment. Uncovering the benefits of this program can highlight the ease of obtaining residency in Greece and its advantages over traditional methods. By delving into the details of Greece’s RBI program, investors can gain valuable insights into the opportunities it presents.