MSA Speaks at Intax Expo in Moscow

Expo in Moscow

MSA Speaks at Intax Expo in Moscow

MSA just wrapped up proceedings at the Intax Expo Conference in Moscow, Russia. Taking place at the Lotte Hotel Moscow, the conference was attended by a wide variety of European and Russian banks, financial services companies and law firms. However, MSA had the distinction of not only being the only American firm in attendance, but also the conference’s first-ever American participant!

With a focus on international tax, asset management and relocation, immigrant investment programs were a major talking point at the conference. Presentations included immigrant investment schemes in Malta, Cyprus, Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis.

Interestingly, there was considerable unfamiliarity with the EB-5 program and general American immigration law. Many participants were unaware, for example, that through the EB-5 program, one fee covers both an investor and his immediate family, not separate fees for each additional family member as is the case in most other immigrant investment programs. Also, many were surprised to learn that through EB-5, the investor receives his or her money back with nominal interest, which also is not the case with other investment schemes. Thus, MSA’s presence at the Intax Expo Conference proved to be a productive one, highlighting the many benefits and unique qualities of both the EB-5 program and relocation to the US, in a market where it is not well understood.