EB-5 in Danger, Act Now! – Episode 140

EB-5 in Danger, Act Now! – Episode 140

With the EB-5 Program set to expire in less than a month, nerves are running high in the EB-5 community as we are yet to see a plan for program reauthorization. Two identical bills have been proposed in the House and the Senate (H.R. 2901 and S. 831, respectively) which reauthorize the program for five years and include additional measures to improve transparency and investor protections. However, a few key representatives are holding out on voting these bills into law and the future of the EB-5 program remains uncertain. In this episode, Mona Shah is joined by Aaron Grau of Invest In The USA as they discuss the viability of these bills and what needs to be done to reauthorize the EB-5 program before it is too late. 

Aaron Grau is the Executive Director of IIUSA, the national membership-based nonprofit for the EB-5 Regional Center Program. Today, he joins Mona and Mark to discuss the current status of EB-5 and offer insights into the current congressional attitude toward the program. He shares the monumental impact that EB-5 has had on the U.S. economy and how, as we look forward to a world after COVID, the EB-5 Program can provide a variety of benefits.

For more information about the proposed EB-5 reauthorization legislation, please read our blog posts on S. 831 and H.R. 2901. And be sure to check out our previous podcast episode where Mona Shah speaks with Rebecca Singh and Christina Dilbone of Mona Shah and Associates Global about how the bills would affect the program and which reforms may affect you.  



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