Episode 187: Investment Voice Travels! The Changing Dynamics of the Indian EB-5 Market

Episode 187: Investment Voice Travels! The Changing Dynamics of the Indian EB-5 Market

India has been one of the top markets for EB investment for some years now.  Post RIA and post COVID, does this statement still hold true? Investment Voice Travels explores this theme with ILW’s Sam Udani: 

EB-5 Investment Voice asks Sam Udani from Immigration Law Worldwide (“ILW”) to walk us through his most recent travels across India:  

India’s post-Covid subcontinental surge to EB-5 makes its mark on the investment immigration market. Despite an increase in the minimum investment – $800,000 – after Covid-19, the EB-5 Program reopened and the demand for visas spiked amongst Indian investors. 

Sam gives us his unique perspective on the current climate of India’s EB-5 ecosystem after having traveled across the country and speaking to dozens of investment immigration agents himself.  

Sam reveals the market trends and their surprising driving factors. Which begs the question, what exactly is driving this EB-5 market surge? New legislation passed by US Congress, the influence of immigration agents, or the wants of the investors themselves?  

Within Episode 184, Mona and Sam discussed China’s dominance in the EB-5 market which has continued to exist in American investment immigration to date. In this episode, Mona, Rebecca, and Sam cover India’s new surge in the EB-5 market, what caused it, and if this development will last.  

Notwithstanding the fact that the topic of EB-5 cannot be discussed without first addressing the Reform and Integrity Act (“RIA”) and the impact it has had, and will continue to have, for Indian investors attempting to navigate the whirlwind of changes within this investment landscape. 

Some highlights from the episode:

Sam Udani: The Reform and Integrity Act has created a new world in EB-5. There is no question about that. The old rules, if you just keep abiding by them, you’ll just suffer. And if you learn to move with the changes, then you can really take advantage of the opportunities that Congress has opened up.

Sam Udani: There is more opportunity than meets the eye once you go out of the beaten path.

Our guest:

Sam Udani has been involved with the immigration community in the USA for most of his career spanning three decades, involving immigration politics and immigration policy and covering all manner of immigration into the USA, including refugees. He has been a tireless advocate for enlightened immigration laws for the USA since ACWIA, AC21/ACTA and continuing from then on. Mr. Udani currently serves as the Law Publisher and CEO of ILW.COM and Immigration Daily, a position he has held for over twenty years. As Publisher, he directs all activities of the website and newspaper with over 50,000+ pages of free information on immigration law that receives 250,000 visitors per month. Under Mr. Udani’s direction ILW has conducted 600+ CLE seminars, published over two dozen immigration law books and conducted hundreds of immigration events in over a dozen countries. Earlier in his career, Mr. Udani founded an advertising agency and a small company in international trade.

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